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99% of: Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, and Greece on Facebook make a World-Wide General Strike and potential 2012 Earth Revolution Inevitable
May 1st General Strike

Sticker found in doorway of Grand Central Station NYC March 31, 2012

The top 1% that control, rule and own planet Earth world will never listen to the protests of a few thousand people scattered here and there in a few countries.

The only way the top 1% will ever listen to the bottom 99% is when the entire global financial markets are shut down!

They will not be shutdown due to any hacking of electric/electronic circuits or switches..

The circular money trading system shall be interrupted by a mass consumer revolt wherein a general [concerted communication (interweb-based), planet-wide] strike shall be instituted by 99% of the people from all the nations. It’s not that the whole system will collapse; it will simply not be considered of value or of good moral-purpose, to the whole of humanity anymore.

If you care to view how & what the future [is] with regard to the capitulation-of-capitalism; please watch ZEITGEIST: Moving Forward 2011 [from 02:31:06  (the 2 hours 31 minutes 6 seconds mark) in the timecode]. It basically shows how this process unfolds and culminates ..the entire world is going to revolt [peacefully] and [inevitably] evolve.  {still try to watch the entire movie}

They told us that over spending got us into this mess.. and now they say that we need to spend to get out of it… at what point do you recognize how broken and crazy the system is!?
We need a new system for everything, because the power of money corruption pervades every level of our lives!

Global protests will shut down the world economy!

I can’t wait.. have a nice day!!

(-: we all live here 😀


All Life is Sacred or No Life is Sacred

When considering the idea that life is sacred, the word ‘life’ can not be relegated to mean only one particular form of life .. ie human. .. it must be all-encompassing.

Accidents may occur and life and death still shall follow .. however ..

Human is an empathic, intelligent and reasoning creature. If it can deduce that its own life (as well as the lives of its family, friends and community) is sacred; human shall also discover the importance and value of all life surrounding it.

If you would never harm a living human being, then you must also question the notion of hurting a fly.

To love life is to love all forms of life .. and to respect and cherish all forms of nature where life exists.


Business vs Personal
April 10, 2009, 3:41 am
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Is there really a difference between Business Finance and Personal Finance?

If you (a personal human being) have a relationship with a bank or any type of financial institution where your personal (or self-owned business) ‘funds’ are being used to make money … your investment constitutes a ‘business transaction’ deeming the moniker “Personal Finance” irrelevant and extremely incorrect. Using the term ‘personal finance’ creates a demeaning perspective for treating ‘personal investments’ as less valuable and not worthy of protection or respect.

If personal finance is personal than why are some financial institutions treating people like their own worst business enemy?