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Delta Anti-Aging Tones

Apparantly it’s a virtual tie with this video just peaking in popularity over Gamma Tones to ‘feel good and grow’. This video utilizes a total of 11 different tones stimulate a comprehensive reaction by the brains. Listen to how the tones cycle eachother.

Δδ Anti-Aging Brainwave Cymatics Binaural Tones
00.50 Hz Left        (Thyroid Relaxation)
01.00 Hz Right     (Pituitary & Human Growth Hormone)
01.50 Hz Left        (Abrahams Universal Healing Rate)
02.00 Hz Right     (Nerve Regeneration)
02.50 Hz Left        (Pain Relief Endogenous Opiates)
03.00 Hz Right     (Increased Reaction Time ( ~Theta 1 ))
03.50 Hz Left        (DNA Stimulation ( ~Theta 1 ))
04.00 Hz Right     (Theta State)
01.45 Hz Stereo   (Tri-Thalamic : Hypothalamus Pituitary Pineal)
00.01 Hz Center   (Organs/Muscles Resonance)
00.90 Hz Center   (Euphoria)

Please use stereo headphones .. volume is at mid level.



Oil, Milk and the Dollar all change rate, your Paycheck doesn’t

When you get paid you receive an exact amount which is the same every 1 or 2 weeks. Your rate never fluctuates and it is only ‘maybe’ that you receive a raise or bonus.

The problem is that throughout your employment many other things change rate while your pay does not.

Oil, Milk and the all mighty Dollar all change rate. And everything else that doesn’t change rate only increases as per inflation. Your pay rarely ever does increase even and you will only pay more taxes on that money earned.

It seems that if your pay doesn’t fluctuate accordingly, then you are playing a loosing game right from the start of your employment.

This appears to be a serious fundamental flaw in Capitalism considering all the recent bank failures and increases in salaries and/or bonuses for the officers of those banks.