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If you can live to 100 you’ll live to 1000

With all the advances in health care tech and technology in general, in the future, humans (and potentially animals as well) will enjoy incredible life extension.

Logically speaking, if you live to 100, along the way all the advances will be updated and improved on ever still. This will allow for a order of magnitude in life extension/evolution.

Of course, early care, prevention, education and habits will allow for a much older starting point for degradation of the human mechanism’s quality.

Lastly, this only will work if you believe it in your mind .. for if you believe you will die, you certainly will. Perhaps if you don’t believe in death you shall live far longer than you ever imagined


Do Bees Understand the Principles of Flower Farming?

For a creature that looks like it can’t possibly fly .. due to non-aerodynamics .. it certainly does some remarkable things.

-Bees build, support and defend an ‘ordered’ colony community (like ants)
-Bees can communicate directions over long distances with the aid of dance
-Bees employ the Hexagram as the basis for their honeycomb architecture
-Bees drink the flower juice and collect pollen on their haunches

Is it possible that Bumble Bees and Honey Bees know that they are pollinating the flowers to sustain their ‘farmed’ garden of flowers ..

You see for yourself and tell me ..