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Earth vs Moon vs Sun

It’s remarkable that here on Planet Earth the Moon and Sun dance in the sky with such an inverse proportion.

During the day the Sun is seen as a bright disk about the size of a quarter passing through the sky along daily variable arcs.

At night the Moon is seen as a bright disk about the same size of the Sun passing through the sky along nightly variable arcs.

The fact that Humans on Earth witness such a symmetrical pattern from day to night, year after year seems almost too perfect. Of course the Sun and Moon are completely different sizes and distances and yet we are lucky to see them as almost equals and opposites.

Imagine if the Sun were larger or smaller compared to the Moon.
Imagine if the Sun and Moon rotated with out-of-sync orbits.

How might Humans have structured their religions with rather more unique Godly characters?

When faced with the observable heavenly clockwork patterns coincidence seems less likely and source of intention comes more into question.

Please enjoy this fun video I made about the Moon 🙂

*Yes, sometimes you do see the Moon out while the Sun is still the reigning God during the day (but never the other way round) .. but then again if the Sun were less powerful, Humans on Earth might observe other celestial objects normally hidden under the thin veil of the wavelength of Solar radiation.