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Ancient Pre Mason Pyramid Glyphs
Pyramid Construction Site

Stilt workers on a Pyramid construction site.

Ancient Mason Glyphs on the Egypt / Libya border between Tubruq, Bardiyah and the Bay of As Sallum.

31.7476570362036, 25.003552436828613

In Google Earth these glyphs may be seen from elevations between 100 – 200 meters, discovered by John Walicki on October 26, 2009.

Discovered on the Eastern Coastal region of Cyrenaica in modern day Libya, this region has no mention of any culture (or civilization prior to ancient Libyans in this area) knowledgeable in high technology of masonry.

There is no comparison to any known ancient culture, alphabet, symbology or artistic style.

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You have no Power

Think about being the most powerful person in your town. You have a level of control over the people of your town. However, for everything that is under your fingertips within your town, you must deal with the powers that surround your town.. your little island of control.

Now imagine the powers bigger than that..

You control a city and many more things become available to you. Political deals and corporate collusion allow you to climb to the top of a more influential garbage heap. You begin to see the full nature of the pyramids on which we all subscribe.

Power wants only 1 thing – more power!

At the point in which you control an entire nation of people and systems you join a smaller club of individuals who are indeed exact and completely ruthless. For as you control a nation you can easily see the advantage of controlling the entire world.

Is ultimate power reached with world domination?

The entire world is your domain and the feeling of God-like paranoia consumes you. Several things may occur at this point. 1 – you maintain your power and control and everything runs for the most part smoothly at your whim. 2 – you loose power to someone else directly and your life ends. 3 – you loose power to revolution and the world is thrown into confusion .. at least until someone else regains ultimate power and control.

Perhaps you might have missed one other thing. At the point in which you control the world you might believe there is nothing left to control because space is so vast and we don’t know much about what is out there.

Equilibrium requires forces from every side.

Once you control the entire world you shall discover the powers that extend from our world out. Perhaps not at first, but eventually you shall bear witness to immense powers beyond your comprehension. The bridge you believe space is, between man and God will feel emotionally catastrophic.

It seems that if you chase power, at any level, you will eventually face opposition of less, equal or quite possibly more powerful forces that your own.

Earth vs Moon vs Sun

It’s remarkable that here on Planet Earth the Moon and Sun dance in the sky with such an inverse proportion.

During the day the Sun is seen as a bright disk about the size of a quarter passing through the sky along daily variable arcs.

At night the Moon is seen as a bright disk about the same size of the Sun passing through the sky along nightly variable arcs.

The fact that Humans on Earth witness such a symmetrical pattern from day to night, year after year seems almost too perfect. Of course the Sun and Moon are completely different sizes and distances and yet we are lucky to see them as almost equals and opposites.

Imagine if the Sun were larger or smaller compared to the Moon.
Imagine if the Sun and Moon rotated with out-of-sync orbits.

How might Humans have structured their religions with rather more unique Godly characters?

When faced with the observable heavenly clockwork patterns coincidence seems less likely and source of intention comes more into question.

Please enjoy this fun video I made about the Moon 🙂

*Yes, sometimes you do see the Moon out while the Sun is still the reigning God during the day (but never the other way round) .. but then again if the Sun were less powerful, Humans on Earth might observe other celestial objects normally hidden under the thin veil of the wavelength of Solar radiation.