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If you can live to 100 you’ll live to 1000

With all the advances in health care tech and technology in general, in the future, humans (and potentially animals as well) will enjoy incredible life extension.

Logically speaking, if you live to 100, along the way all the advances will be updated and improved on ever still. This will allow for a order of magnitude in life extension/evolution.

Of course, early care, prevention, education and habits will allow for a much older starting point for degradation of the human mechanism’s quality.

Lastly, this only will work if you believe it in your mind .. for if you believe you will die, you certainly will. Perhaps if you don’t believe in death you shall live far longer than you ever imagined


No More Time for Novelty

The time for novelty is over.
Frivolous things hold no meaning.

STOP – your world is crumbling at your feet.
The world’s current situation demands your attention NOW.
BUT, Your personal world has been demanding your attention for years.

Face your Earth, loot at yourself in the mirror, accept the truth, resist the lies.
We understand this is precisely something you are unwilling to do.


Winners are losers .. first place is last place .. health is disease .. death is life.

RELAX – you are evolving and what is happening to you right now..

is exactly what should be happening
is what you NEED to happen

You make it happen.

All Life is Sacred or No Life is Sacred

When considering the idea that life is sacred, the word ‘life’ can not be relegated to mean only one particular form of life .. ie human. .. it must be all-encompassing.

Accidents may occur and life and death still shall follow .. however ..

Human is an empathic, intelligent and reasoning creature. If it can deduce that its own life (as well as the lives of its family, friends and community) is sacred; human shall also discover the importance and value of all life surrounding it.

If you would never harm a living human being, then you must also question the notion of hurting a fly.

To love life is to love all forms of life .. and to respect and cherish all forms of nature where life exists.


Print or Die
May 4, 2009, 4:25 pm
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The newspaper industry in America will die because its owners/managers/publishers suffer from fear and attachment.

These ‘used-to-be-great’ magnates of our newspapers are clutching and clinging so tightly to their precious print advertising dollars that they will lose out on anything else that may potentially save them.

The major problem that these hard-heads don’t comprehend is that advertising is no longer about money. Now, it’s all about popularity; it drives the web pages.

The name of the game now is not to save your print-ad dollars .. you won’t be able to .. PAPER and INK are too precious commodities now.

If the newspapers’ #1 goal is to only sell more paper product.. they will never understand why people don’t find them popular anymore.

I wish them luck .. but they are already leveraging jobs to save the big money power positions at the top .. still on the road to an early death.

This was a response to a BBC article: